Thealoz Duo Review - 7 things you'll love about this eye drop (and one thing you may not)

Do you suffer from moderate to severe dry eye disease? Are you looking for some hydrating relief of those irritating dry eye symptoms? In this Thealoz Duo review we’ll look at 7 things you’ll love about this eye drop, and one thing you may not. If you’re not getting effective relief of your dry eye symptoms from your current artificial tears drops, you’ll want to read this to see if Thealoz Duo is right for you.
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What are Thealoz Duo eye drops used for? 

Thealoz Duo is a soothing and lubricating, preservative-free eye drop in a hypotonic solution for patients that suffer from moderate to severe dry eye disease. As the name suggests, Thealoz Duo has not just one, but two main ingredients to soothe and protect against dry eye disease. One of the active ingredients is Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15% (also known as Hyaluronic acid), and the second ingredient is Trehalose 3%. Trehalose is a natural product that can protect the surface of your eye. You’ll learn more about these ingredients below.

Let’s look at some of the different reasons that moderate to severe dry sufferers love Thealoz Duo.

1) Thealoz Duo will help lubricate and hydrate your eyes.

When you have dry eye disease your eyes don’t make tears properly. And without a proper tear film coating, your eyes can feel irritated, scratchy, and just plain uncomfortable.

Thealoz Duo helps soothe and coat the eye because it contains Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15%. This ingredient improves hydration and lubrication of the eye. It draws and holds moisture to the surface of the eye.
Sodium Hyaluronate is a form of Hyaluronic Acid, and the human body naturally makes Hyaluronic acid. We even make it in our own eyes, so it is generally very well tolerated.

Hyaluronic acid is the same stuff we make in our joints to help lubricate and cushion our joints.
It has this same lubricating and hydrating effect on our eyes to help reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

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2) Thealoz Duo can protect your eye cells from cellular damage and death

When you have dry eye disease the symptoms can be irritating to say the least.
But what you feel as irritation is downright damaging to the outer cells of the eye. Improper tear formation damages the corneal epithelial cells and can even cause these cells to die. This further worsens the condition. It is like a vicious cycle.

Thealoz Duo contains a key ingredient called Trehalose that can help protect your eye cells and interrupt this cycle of damage. Trehalose is a natural sugar that can help to stabilize the proteins and lipids (fats) on the surface of the eye, and protect the corneal cells.

This ability to protect these cells from further damage is called “bioprotection.”

In fact, they use this bioprotective property of Trehalose to help preserve donor tissues and organs while they’re being transported to a new recipient. (Reference)

3) Thealoz Duo is formulated to correct the “saltiness” of your tears

A normal tear has just the right amount of solid particles (primarily salts and proteins) dissolved in water.
But with dry eye disease the concentration of the tear film changes. We end up with “saltier” tears.
It isn’t because we’re making more of the salts, but instead it’s because we don’t make have enough of the watery part of our tears to balance out the solid particles.

The fancy term for this is called hyperosmolarity of the tear film, or having hypertonic tears.
These highly concentrated or “salty” tears can cause discomfort and burning sensations. (Reference:

But even worse, this salty situation can kill the cells on the outer surface of the eye! (Reference).

It increases the watery part of the tear to reduce stinging, burning, irritation and damage caused by those salty tears.

4) Thealoz Duo is preservative free

Thealoz Duo drops do NOT contain a preservative. This is great news for dry eye sufferers.
Many patients experience irritation and burning from the regular use of preserved eye drops.
But with Thealoz Duo, you won’t have that problem. It is a preservative-free formulation.
You can apply it daily as many times as needed without worrying about the toxicity and damage of preservatives.

Instead of using a chemical preservative, it is packaged in a clever, multi-dose bottle that keeps out bacteria and other contaminants.
And because it is a multi-dose bottle, you won’t have to deal with the waste of plastic single unit doses.
Most patients find the unique bottle easy to squeeze, allowing easy application of your drops.

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5) Thealoz Duo increases tear film thickness

Thealoz Duo was shown in clinical studies to increase the thickness of the tear film by 40% more than just using hyaluronic acid by itself. (Reference)
This thicker tear provides extra protection for the eye and can help reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

6) Using Thealoz Duo can decrease inflammatory markers in the eye

As we mentioned earlier, when you don’t make proper tears, damage can occur to the corneal epithelial cells. (Outer cells of the eye.)
In response to this damage the immune system triggers inflammation – which is our body’s attempt to heal the damage.
But this inflammation can irritate and further aggravate chronic dry eye symptoms.

In a study where patients used a single drop of Thealoz Duo in each eye three times a day for 2 months, there was a noticeable reduction in inflammatory markers (IL-1Beta, IL-6 and IL-8) in the eyes.
The eye drops were working to suppress that inflammatory response in the eye.

Thealoz Duo was helping to make their dry eyes feel better, but it was also interrupting the vicious cycle of damage and inflammation on the eye’s surface.

7) Contact Lens wearers can use Thealoz Duo

Many contact lens wearers require the soothing help of artificial tears, but not all drops can be used with contact lenses.

Can Contact lens wearers use Thealoz Duo?

Yes. Even folks who wear contacts can experience the soothing relief of Thealoz Duo.

Under the daily stress of dry environments, air conditioning, plane journeys or looking at computer screens for long hours, wearing contact lenses can start to irritate the eyes.
Having screen breaks is important, and using hydrating eye drops like Thealoz Duo can help relieve this irritation. And since it doesn’t contain a preservative, you can use Thealoz Duo as much as needed to provide maximum comfort.

Bonus: Thealoz Duo will make your dry eyes feel better

We’ve listed various ways Thealoz Duo can help your eyes, and how it can lead to significant improvements in the symptoms of dry eye.

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Dr. Shiv Sharma

Dr. Shiv Sharma

Dr. Shiv Sharma is a practicing Optometrist in British Columbia, Canada. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in M.B.B. from Simon Fraser University and Doctor Of Optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. His clinical areas of interest include ocular disease, pediatric optometry, dry eye disease, and primary eye care. He loves technology and incorporating cutting edge care in to his practice. He has lectured and consulted for several eye care industry companies in the dry eye, contact lens, and practice management space.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is not to be taken as medical advice and is solely for informational purposes. Please see your healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.

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