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Zenwear Lotus

$149.99 CAD

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Zenwear Lotus Blue Blocker Glasses

Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen?

Feel your eyes relax with Zenwear Lotus Blue Blocker Glasses. These aren’t your ordinary blue blocker glasses.  They are specifically designed and manufactured to reduce eyestrain and fatigue for frequent computer, tablet, smartphone, and video game users.


  • Italian Mazzucchelli acetate frames
  • Authentic Zenwear High quality Blue Blocker lenses that filter harmful wavelengths of light from electronic devices
  • Unisex design
  • Available in three designer colour patterns
Zenwear lenses provide much needed relief with industry leading Blue Blocker and UV protection.
  • 99.89% UVA blockage
  • 99.79% UVB blockage
  • Blue light ( 380nm – 500 nm) 22.81% blockage
The unique manufacturing process of Zenwear lenses allows for significant reduction in harmful blue wavelengths of light while causing minimal colour shift to the rest of the natural colour spectrum.  

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Black, Grey, Tortoise