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Screen Time Kit

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Screen Time Kit

Designed for eye relief for computer, smartphone, and tablet users, the “Screen Time Kit” helps keeps your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable with enough products for 2 months with average use.

  • 2X I Drop Pur
  • 1X Lid N Lash
  • 1X I-Relief Mask

Screen Time Kit Schedule

I-Drop Pur1 drop per eyeThree times a day
I-Lid ‘N Lash1 wipe per eyeEvery other day
I-Relief Mask15 minsApply cooled mask at the end of each workday

Why Dry Eye kits?

Dry eye is generally a chronic condition. Consistent use of the correct products for your specific condition is one of the keys to success in the treatment and prevention of dry eye disease.  Our Dry Eye Kits are custom designed by our Doctors based on academic literature in addition to years of clinical experience treating dry eye patients.

Please note these kits are not designed as stand alone treatment and are not diagnostic.  They are designed to support patients who have been diagnosed with dry eye during their comprehensive eye examination by a Doctor of Optometry.  Please click here to find a Doctor near you.


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