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Evolve Intensive Gel

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Evolve Intensive Gel

Evolve Intensive Gel preservative free artificial tears are clinical strength lubricating drops designed to help with moderate to severe dry eye.

  • 0.20% Hyaluronate for long lasting ocular surface hydration
  • Glycerol and Carbomer 980 for enhanced lubrication 
  • Preservative Free
    350 drops per bottle (significantly more than other eye drop bottles)
  • Easy to use bottle with blue aiming tip
  • Contact Lens safe
  • Evolve Intensive Gel eye drops offer a premium dry eye solution

Formulated in the UK and now available in Canada 

Hyaluronate 0.20%


Carbomer 980

Preservative: Preservative free

Buffer: Phosphate free

Volume: 10 mL bottle

Bottle type:  Multidose

Number of Drops: Approximately 350

Shelf Life: 3 months after opening.  1 year or more if sealed (check expiry date on bottle).

Recommended for moderate to severe dry eyes.

Contact Lens Compatible: Yes

Brand: Evolve

Manufacturer: Aequus/Medicom

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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